TSR Government has laid down the road map for State Development as Agenda 2020 - "Lakshya 2020"

  1. Electricity to every household.
  2. Cooking Gas to all families.
  3. DBT in all State Schemes.
  4. No untreated waste will be disposed in the Ganga River.
  5. Complete digital land records, mutations and revenue courts.
  6. 5000 Tourism Home Stays.
  7. At least one member out of 4,34,614 deprived families will be given some livelihood by 2020.
  8. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) will be brought down to 100 per 1,00,000.
  9. Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) will be brought down to 30 per 1,000.
  10. Under-5 Mortality Rate (U5MR) will be brought down to 36 per 1,000.
  11. Institutional deliveries will be increased to 90 %.
  12. Trauma Centre, Blood Bank and ICU will be operational in all 13 districts.
  13. The State shall ensure universal health coverage through health insurance.
  14. Services of a first responder for health services shall be ensured within 10 KMof each village/hamlet.
  15. 1 Lakh household stock will be created.
  16. Doubling of state’s own revenue.
  17. Rainwater harvesting in 5000 govt. buildings.
  18. Solar roof top energy to be consumed in all govt. buildings of Haridwar and Dehradun.
  19. Optical fibre connectivity to all Gram Panchayats.
  20. One lakh youth to be skilled.
  21. 100 per cent literacy.
  22. 200 start ups will be set-up.
  23. To train volunteers for disaster management in every village, through “Yuvak/Mahila Mangal Dal”.
  24. 1 Lakh new jobs in service sector.